She's an octopus and the Inkbench mascot.

Meet Inky

Do you know what has nine brains and three hearts, and is really smart and caring, like our Inkbench team? Yes, Inky, the Octopus, our mascot! And this is why we chose Inky to represent us and what we aspire to as a company.

Also, like Inky, we have an extra set of arms (8 to be exact) to lend to clients to get the job done. We even chose our brand color (deep purple) based on the color of an Octopus.

So, think of our Inkbench team as a caring, smart, ambidextrous extension of your marketing department. Who couldn’t use a little help from their friends? Inky and our team are here to help!

Inky's natural color is a dark purple, but she can blend in with any background.

Like all other octopuses, Inky has:

Inky has 3 hearts
Inky has 8 arms
Inky has 9 brains

Three Hearts

Eight Arms

Nine Brains

These characteristics make Inky especially talented at multitasking, caring for others, and a real problem solver. Inky has been a team member at Inkbench since our beginning in 2018.